Join us at for an information session on starting a dye garden!

Thursday, February 10, 4 to 5:30 pm, at Indigo Hill, 26 Main St. E., Vankleek Hill



There’s no better time than the depths of Winter to start planning your garden! 

Have you ever wondered how you can grow colour that lasts beyond the warmer months? There are myriad plants that you can introduce into your garden that yield beautiful dyes for textiles and fibres. At this event, we’ll discuss common and not-so-common plants that you can grow from seed specifically for their dyeing potential, focusing on species that thrive in our growing zone as well as species that are native to our area. Topics addressed will include siting a new dye garden, container gardening, and integrating dye plants into pre-existing beds. We’ll talk about how to efficiently harvest your dye plants, methods of preserving dye plants after harvest for future use, and ways to extract colour from plants that are freshly harvested. You’ll see tangible samples of the colours achieved by garden dye plants, and we’ll provide you with a list of reliable Canadian suppliers of dye plant seeds as well as print and online resources to help you transform your plants into useable and enduring colour.


Spaces are limited so sign up early! To register, contact us at [email protected] or 613-306-1834, or stop by the shop at 26 Main St. E., Vankleek Hill.