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SOLD OUT || Resist-Dyeing With Indigo Workshop

Sunday, October 2, 1pm – 4:30pm

This workshop is a fabulous introduction both to dyeing with natural indigo and creating surface designs from resists. A resist is a spot on the fabric that is protected from the dye, thus allowing it to retain its original colour. Using an indigo vat – which produces a range of blues depending on the number of times the fabric is dipped into the vat – and different folding, sewing and clamping techniques, participants will craft unique blue and white patterns on cotton fabric. Each participant will be given four 12″ x 12″ squares of organic cotton muslin fabric to decorate during this class. Use your squares for a future quilting or sewing project, or simply hem them for a set of napkins! Topics addressed in this class include how to prepare your fabric for dyeing, and how to make a “workhorse” indigo vat.

Cost: $75+hst (includes all materials)