On Wednesday, January 5, 2022, I’ll be opening the door of the Indigo Hill shop to the public for the first time! Well, the actual, physical door of the actual, physical storefront: I’ve had an Etsy shop selling my hand-sewn and hand-dyed creations across North America for a number of years and sold at quite a few fibre festivals and other public events in my area for some time too. But this is a special occasion – the opening of a permanent space where people can visit and learn and shop!

When the spot at 26 Main St. East came up for rent, I would walk past it often, thinking “Wouldn’t it be nice for our town to have a spot where textile arts in all their forms could be celebrated? Why doesn’t someone open up a place where people can get together to learn new fibre arts skills and connect with their local fibreshed?” I figured out pretty soon that someone if I wanted it to happen and happen now, could be me. I’ve always been a go-getter once I make up my mind to do something so it wasn’t long after that I visited the space. On my first walk-through, my mind buzzed with the potential of it: This room is perfect for workshops… This wall begs for a vintage quilt… The backyard green space would be awesome for a Spring dye plants sale or a fleece day. Not long after, I rented the sweet and cozy shop space and began decorating the interior according to my vision. Once I started reaching out to the community by sharing my news about the shop and asking for suggestions for local textile artists I could feature, I was overwhelmed by the support and the offers for help that came in. “Oh, I’m so excited that we’ll have something like that in town!” I heard again and again. It’s heartwarming to know that what you are offering is wanted and needed.

I’m going to share some photos here of the evolution of the shop space. Of course, as the shelves and furniture get painted, the stock arrives and is displayed, and the display windows fill with what I hope inspires, the shop won’t really be “full” until the people arrive to breathe life into it. I hope to welcome you into my new space – in person or virtually, as you are able – and that you find something within its walls that you want to make or that connects you to the makers in our region. See you soon!