Have you ever wondered how wool travels from sheep to shawl? This is an ongoing group that will meet bi-weekly through July and August to learn how to transform a raw fleece into a crafted object, including:

  • skirting the fleece
  • washing the fleece
  • preparing the wool fibres for spinning or felting
  • spinning the fibres or felting the fibres
  • creating a finished object (knitted, crocheted, felted, woven…)

During the process, participants will have access to various fibre preparation tools, including hand-carders, a drum-carder and wool combs. Shetland fleeces from a local flock will be provided but if you have a fleece of your own that you would like to work with, you can bring that! You are also welcome to bring in other fibres to custom blend with your fleece portion.

Time: Every second Thursday, 10am-12pm, starting July 7

Cost: $45+hst