The Vankleek Hill Fibre Frolic presents: CATALAN TRAY TENSION WEAVING WORKSHOP

with Janis Goad

(Beginner to intermediate level)

Saturday, September 24, 2022, 1pm – 3pm, $75+hst

at the Creating Centre, 11 High St.* Vankleek Hill, Ontario


Weave a small tray, trivet, or set of coasters using vines and foraged branches! Participants are invited to bring lace, strips of old fabric with sentimental value, and stems from plants in their garden to personlize their unique creation. Good plants for this project include: grapevine, Virginia creeper, willow, raspberry cane, goldenrod, red dogwood, wild cucumber, green Manitoba maple twigs, corn husks, landscape grasses, ditch lilies, bullrushes, etc. (at the point of harvesting, remove leaves from branches and thorns from stems by running your gloved fist from growth tip to stem end). Bring a grocery bag of foraged plants to explore and share! There is no materials fee for this workshop as students are expected to provide many of their materials: bring secateurs (garden clippers), fabric strips/lace (if desired), and an assortment of plant materials for weaving, as described above. Harvest your plants a day or so in advance of the class. The instructor will bring some supplementary plant materials to assist with the weaving process.


About the instructor: Janis Goad is a retired teacher who now enjoys practicing fibre arts of many forms every day: knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, dyeing with plants, basketry, and whatever other techniques come along. A relative newcomer to Vankleek Hill, she is enjoying living in a multi-generational home with her adult daughter, on a property with space and quiet to garden, snowshoe, and listen to the birds.