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We’re so pleased to welcome Kate of Banfill Ceramics to Indigo Hill on Saturday, August 20, from 11am-3pm!

Kate will bring a selection of her beautiful, handcrafted nature-inspired pottery, including mugs, garden gnomes, cups and spoon-rests. Banfill Ceramics offers functional pieces that combine texture with bright colours: they would make wonderful additions to your home and are the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones.

Meet Kate and shop her wares at this special event at Indigo Hill! You can preview her work on her WEBSITE and find her on Instagram and Facebook as @banfillceramics

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About the artist:

“Katelyn Banfill, owner of Banfill Ceramics, is a Montreal-based potter and maker of handmade, functional and decorative ceramics. All of her pieces are made in a home studio from mid-range fired stoneware clay, with food-and microwave-safe glazes. Kate strives to focus on making pieces that you don’t normally think of when you picture handmade pottery. She loves to use bright colors and different textures in her work. Most of her inspiration comes from a love of nature and the woods, trips to western Canada, and the Montreal art culture she has grown up with.”